EVIX bridge+gretap

One of connection methods allowed on EVIX is GRETap

tunnel which is different from regular GRE ( GRETap can support L2 bridging).

So We are gonna start with fresh linux installation, I`ve choos Debian 9 – this method should works with Debian/CentOS.

Make sure You have internet connection there and iproute2 installed which is normally a default system tool.

We have got from EVIX IPs for our side config, for example:

EVIX IPv4 ednpoint –

Ou peering IP from EVIX:, 2002:1000:ffff:ffff::5/64

As default in fresh installed linux distro primary interface should call ens18 or eth0,

where We have address with gateway

First bring up kernel module and ip forwarding:

root# modprobe nf_conntrack_proto_gr
​root# sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
root# sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding=1

If You want to set those settings permamently just edit /etc/sysctl.conf file, remove # mark from maching lines and type:

root# sysctl -w

If everything is ready We can start creating connections:

Set down default interface and remove addresses:

root# ip l s ens18 down

root# ip a d dev ens18

Create an tunnel between Our and EVIX server:

root# ip l a EVIX type gretap local remote

Create an bridge and link interfaces with it:

root# ip l a br0 type bridge

root# ip l s ens18 master br0

root# ip l s EVIX master br0

Now We should add ip addresses which We has earlier in ens18 to br0 and set routing:

root# ip a a dev br0

root# ip r a default via dev br0

At this moment We can also add addresses from EVIX

root# ip a a dev br0

root# ip -6 2002:1000:ffff:ffff::5/64 dev br0

Almost there, last thing We need to do is set ifaces up and check an connection:

root# ip l s ens18 up

root# ip l s EVIX up

root# ip l s br0 up

If everything works fine just try to ping EVIX RouteServer with Your EVIX IP as source address:

root# ping -s